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The Snare Trap
Rat/Possum: $49.00
Rat/Possum Dual Spring:: $59.00
Raccoon/Nutria: $69.00
Raccoon/Nutria Dual Spring: $79.00
Spring Snake Trap: $89.00
Snake Trap Dual Spring: $99.00
Spring Hand Held Snake Trap: $99.00
Custom Trap: Made to Order

Aluminum Traps Will Last for Years. Maybe a Lifetime!

Patent #11,950,587
Other Patents Pending

Special Offer

All of The Snare Traps use the same mechanhical patent so the only difference between models
is the size and strength. All work the same! For this reason a mouse trap will work for mice
and small rats, a opossum trap works for small raccoons and large squirles. Choosing the right
size is critical. If you should order a trap that does not work for the animal you wish to trap,
"The Snare Trap" will give you a complete exchange for the switch, less shipping. This is a
limited time offer to help new customers.

Traps Made in USA

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